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Word Prizes to Be Awarded

[PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Jacque Lease scores a play during the tournament.]

In addition to paying 3 place prizes in each Division, Cowtown USA will be awarding two Word Prizes to players out of the money in each Division.

The High Scoring Play (as logged by a player not receiving a place prize) will be awarded $20 in each Division.

The MANURES Prize will award $20 in each Division to the player not in the place prize money who plays the word containing the most letters from the word MANURES in it (with the score of the word played breaking any ties).

Players are permitted to log words that contain blanks for both contests, and a phony word is acceptable as well, provided that it stayed on the board during the game.

Once the tournament has finished, I will post final standings as quickly as possible, with a fuller recap to come later tonight.

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