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The Cheat Sheet – TWL 2014 edition

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Short J Q X Z Words

Collins Word Lists

CSW2015 Initiation Kit

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How to Play SCRABBLE Like a Champion by Joel Wapnick

Words of Wisdom by Kenji Matsumoto

Breaking the Game by Kenji Matsumoto

SCRABBLE Wordbook by Mike Baron

Everything SCRABBLE by Joe Edley and John D. Williams

Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis


SCRABBLE Scoresheet by Dallas Johnson

SCRABBLE Scoresheet by Dallas Johnson and Pete Zeigler

SCRABBLE Scoresheet by Dan Stock

SCRABBLE Scoresheet by Steve Grob

SCRABBLE Scoresheet by NASPA


Tournament SCRABBLE players use some specialized equipment, including rotating boards with grids to hold the tiles in place, clocks to account for the 25 minutes allotted to each player in a game, and tournament-quality tiles, which have a smooth surface so that identifying letters and blanks by feel is less likely. You may wish to visit a SCRABBLE club and get an idea of the different kinds of equipment that are available before making a purchase. Following are links to some equipment suppliers, listed alphabetically by the first name/corporate name of the supplier. – Tournament Quality SCRABBLE tiles originated by Bob Schoenman – Adjudicator timers, boards, racks, and more by Gene Tyszka

NASPA Store – the shopping site of the North American SCRABBLE Players Association – tiles, tile racks, and lexicons – Sam Timers, boards, tiles, racks, and more by Sam Kantimathi

Photo Credit: Patricia A. Hocker (NASPA)

Photo Description: Tiles are arranged on a Scrabble board in a geometric pattern reminiscent of a snowflake, using all 100 tiles in a standard Scrabble set and making all valid words.  The design was made by Daniel Stock.

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