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NeoScrabble.com is the online presence of SCRABBLE® clubs in Northeast Ohio that are sanctioned by NASPA, the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association. This website provides information about club and tournament play of SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game in Cleveland, Akron, and the surrounding area. We invite you to explore the site and learn more about the world of competitive word play.

If you are new to club and tournament SCRABBLE, please visit the link at the left entitled “I’m New.” It will give you a brief overview of club and tournament play, and help you know what to expect at your first club or tournament SCRABBLE session.

The Resources link at the left contains forms, word lists, links, and other items that the SCRABBLE enthusiast may find useful or of interest.

NASPA – Our Player Organization

The North American SCRABBLE Players Association, or NASPA, is responsible for sanctioning SCRABBLE tournaments and clubs, maintaining membership rolls, and certifying Directors. If you wish to play in NASPA-sanctioned tournaments, you must be a member of NASPA.

NASPA membership can be obtained by mail or online. For more information about NASPA, please visit www.scrabbleplayers.org. If you would like to join the organization, membership information can be found at this link.

Rules Update

Sanctioned SCRABBLE clubs and tournaments play under a set of rules of rules approved by NASPA. The rules are updated, typically on an annual basis, in an attempt to make the rules both concise and comprehensive, and also to address any situations that had been considered incompletely addressed under previous versions of the rules. NASPA has made the rules available in an online format.

Highest Scoring Play

Kyle Corbin discovered that the rack ABEOPYZ could be used to make the word OXYPHENBUTAZONE and score 1,776 points. Northeast Ohio tournament player Dan Stock later modified Kyle’s theoretical game somewhat to increase the total score for the play to 1,778 points. Arian Smit later modified Dan’s theoretical game somewhat to increase the total score for the play to 1,780 points. He then found an even higher scoring play, using the international lexicon. Click here to read a blog entry about the revised play. While all of these plays are attempts at theoretical maximums, and not likely to be found in any regulation game (unless the game were played specifically to accomplish this result), the plays are nontheless impressive!

Summit Open

The longest-running tournament series in Northeast Ohio is the Summit Open tournament, directed by Christopher Sheppard. The Summit Open provides a unique tournament structure. It is an open tournament, allowing players of all abilities to compete against one another in the early rounds, leading to match play among the players with the best records to determine the champion.

Historical tournament data for the Summit Open can be found at this link.

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